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RWYB Dial In Day - 2017 Report

Saturday 4th March 2017

Santa Pod’s 5th annual Dial in Day was yet again a great success with the biggest field so far for the event. This year we had a keen mix of first timers and experienced RWYB’ers; 43 vehicles arrived at the track ready to give bracket racing a go and expand their knowledge of this ever-growing sport we love.

We started off in the classroom with an in depth briefing from Ian Marshall, assisted by Paul Marston, covering all things bracket racing. Our pop-up ‘Christmas tree’ sat in the corner lighting up the room demonstrating the significance of those all-important sportsman reaction times and elements of staging. We would like to say a big thank you to all those that took the time out to help make the day such a success.

Dial In Day spacer Dial In Day spacer Dial In Day

As the sun decided to make an appearance from behind the clouds, the track was ready and waiting. After everyone had a good warm up in the pits, the first round of qualifying got underway. This year was the very first time Dial In Day has included bikes to join in the full throttle action; we were pleased to welcome to the track Anna Sasiak on her Suzuki GSXR to learn the ropes.

The chaps from PistonHeads joined us in the impressive Audi RS7 and Porsche Panamera; Matthew Bird hit the ¼ mile in the Audi with a run of 11.69 secs reaching 121.71mph, the quickest run of the day.  Ed Wiseman from the Telegraph also brought along a Volvo V90 to put to the test and check out all that bracket racing has to offer.

As the first round of qualifying came to an end it was clear to see everyone was beginning to put into practice what they had learnt about consistency, firmly finding their feet to hit their dial ins. In this first cycle, Karen Oates in her green Jaguar qualified first being an impressive 0.0060 off Dial In – well done Karen! The closest race was between Rob Creswell and Jamie Bartlem with a difference of 1.40m and 0.04 seconds seeing Jamie take the lead. The final of the first set of eliminations saw Steve West and Mark Medley battle it out, unfortunately Mark red lit handing the win to Steve.

Dial In Day spacer Dial In Day spacer Dial In Day

So after a quick de-brief and turn around, it was back out on the raceway for round two. We certainly didn’t tire of hearing the unmistakable rumble of Adrian Portelli’s Dodge Charger – what a sound!? This round saw some noteworthy stats; Steve West’s outstanding 0.0002 reaction time was the best of the day also taking the second spot of 0.0081 and third of 0.0088! This second cycle saw Chris Barnes qualifying first with 0.0133 off Dial In. The closest race was between Chris Chisholm and Karen Oates with a difference of 0.42m and 0.0099 with Chris winning! The second cycle final encounter was between Rowan Wilson and Chris Chisholm regrettably with Chris red lighting with a foul.

Hopefully many of this year’s field will follow in the footsteps of previous Dial In students and winners, going onto race at The Festival of Power; we’d love nothing more than to see all of you that took part head off into the National Championships and get involved!

Dial In Day spacer Dial In Day spacer Dial In Day

We’d like to say a massive congratulations to the overall winner Steve West in his Nissan Leaf and runner up Rowan Wilson in his Peugeot 406. Fantastic to see an electric car take the lead on the track and walk away with those well-deserved bragging rights along with a bespoke Christmas tree trophy! Hopefully we will see Steve return to the track at The Festival of Power with his free entry to race and put into practice all he has learnt this Dial In Day. After some number crunching it was revealed that his electric titan took the top stop by a very impressive 510 points!

For more Dial In Day photos visit the Facebook Gallery.

Position Race Number Driver Car Points
1st 36 Steve West Nissan Leaf 1670
2nd 4 Rowan Wilson Peugeot 406 1160
3rd 6 Mark Medley Renault Laguna 1140
4th 18 Karen Oates Jaguar 1120
5th 3 Chris Barnes Toyota Supra 1000
6th 7 Richard Medley Honda Civic 960
7th 19 Nigel Gregg Fabia TDI 860
8th 15 Rob Creswell Audi RS4 850
9th 10 Jamie Bartlam Vauxhall Astra 810
10th 1 Adrian Portelli Dodge Charger 710
11th 21 Lowri Anslow Skoda Octavia 640
12th 27 Gabor Toth Subaru Impreza  630
13th 14 Jemma Bromley Peugeot 2008 610
14th 39 David Swift VW Beetle 610
15th 23 Aaron Beales VW Golf 600
16th 35 Tom Dakin Nissan Micra 580
17th 46 Rick Markham Toyota Celica 580
18th 2 Chris Chisholm Holden Commodore 540
19th 34 Austin Collins Ford Mustang 540
20th 44 Nikolai Attard  Porsche Panamera 540
21st 11 Jack Bartlam Vauxhall Corsa 510
22nd 26 Steve Metcalf Vauxhall Carlton 470
23rd 38 Paul Chuter-Griffiths Toyota 450
24th 8 Rebecca Guilor Ford Fiesta 410
25th 40 Elaine Hancock Honda Civic 410
26th 5 Trevor Hiam Chevrolet Camaro 390
27th 25 Jay Collins VW Golf 390
28th 12 Paul Walklate VW Caddy 380
29th 33 Janet Lawson Honda S2000 350
30th 30 Chris Layram VW Golf R 330
31st 31 Ryan Hammersely Ford Mustang 320
32nd 29 Gillian Thetford Chevrolet Camaro 310
33rd 22 Sam Levett Skoda Fabia 280
34th 20 Ed Wiseman  Volvo V90 270
35th 28 Ian Metcalf Mercedes S Class 270
36th 43 Matthew Bird  Audi RS7 250
37th 37 Christopher Bowman Ford Mustang 210
38th 32 Nathan Cozens VW Beetle 200
39th 42 David Gannack Subaru Impreza  180


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